Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Partial quotient division with 2-digit divisors video

I made a video for the lesson that we did today (partial quotient only, we also did area model but I know there was more confusion with the partial quotient strategy) so here it is, I hope it helps!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Math update with Mrs. Neal

Hello 5th grade families,
This week in math we wrapped up our work with multiplication. We are now working on division. When it comes to division I teach two strategies, area model and partial quotient (similar to multiplication). Here are some videos to help with both of these strategies:

The homework for this week will be as follows:
Week of 11/15
5th grade:
Monday- Partial quotient page
Tuesday- IXL D.11
Wednesday- Practice test, evens
Thursday-  Practice math facts

Thanks and have a great week!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Our Week

Students have completed multiple assessments this week around reading, writing, and language as we are winding down the first trimester of the year.   This will assist us in report card grades, but also in planning ahead to see what concepts we need to reinforce.

Native American Myths are almost completed.   It has been delightful to share the few that are done with their final copy with the rest of the class - what fun it will be to read our completed picture books with first graders next week!

Reading strategy focus this week has been around cause and effect, as well as continued work on summarizing.   We are about half way done with the novel "Wonder" as students continue to enjoy lively discussion around this book and the numerous themes it lends itself to.

Students began music this week on Tuesday/Thursday and continue to enjoy P.E. on Monday/Wednesday.  Additionally, students are exposed to things like Scholastic News, cursive practice, IXL practice, and Tribes activities with Mrs. Evans while I work with small groups on reading strategies each afternoon.

Groups of 3 were assigned a specific biome this week and started research as zoologists, botanists, and geographers!  Their assignment is to create a travel brochure about their biome, encouraging visitors to experience all that the area has to offer.  Our goal is to have them completed by the end of next week.

Important Update
  • Just a reminder that I will be out on medical leave beginning next Thursday, November 16th.  I apologize that I have also had to miss some additional days leading up due to illness and pre-op appointments.    At this time, I am projected to return the week of December 18th.
  • Mrs. Adrienne Snow will be the long-term sub and has been working with myself and Mrs. Hyde to ensure a smooth transition.
  • I will be available by e-mail  if you have questions or concerns related to your student during my leave.
  • I will be sending out a conference schedule via Sign-Up Genius sometime in early December - conferences will be held by phone and then report cards sent home.  Thank you for your kind understanding during this time.
For Your Information

  • Please continue to assist your child with turning in their Monday folder (with signed reading log) and Family Journals on Monday mornings.  We have had an increase in forgetfulness recently!
  • Math Homework should be completed each night (Monday-Thursday).  When students have to go to study hall to complete it, they are missing out on other experiences in class.
  • The latest edition of "Diary of A Wimpy Kid"  was back-ordered from our previous book order and has now arrived.  Unfortunately, I don't have record of who it belongs to. If you recall ordering this book for your child, please let me know!
  • Mrs. Hyde is working on scheduling a field trip to see the new movie "Wonder" when it comes out locally.  This will be a great opportunity for students to be able to compare the book with the movie.   More information to come!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Math update with Mrs. Neal

Hello 5th grade families,
This week in math we reviewed the area model and partial product methods for multiplication. We also learned the standard algorithm for multiplying up to 3 digit numbers by a 1 digit number and a 2 digit number by a 2 digit number. The homework this week will be as follows:
Week of 11/6
5th grade:
Monday- IXL C.14
Tuesday- Practice test, evens
Wednesday- Practice math facts
Thursday-  Area model division page

Thanks and have a great week!

Friday, November 3, 2017


  • Halloween Fun was had by all this week!  Students were decked out in costumes and enjoyed an incredible parade and party.  Thank you to Lara Bell for organizing and to Gib Mackedon and Suzanne Albaugh for assisting.  We also appreciated all the delicious goodies donated by various families.
  • Students are busy writing Native American myths as we conclude our narrative writing unit.  Their creative juices are flowing and we are all excited to see the end product in the weeks to come.  They also had the opportunity to write Halloween stories of their choosing this week.
  • We are now reading the fourth section of "Wonder" as each section of the book focuses on the story from a different character's perspective.  We have been practicing Habits of Discussion as we read and focusing on how to summarize our reading.
  • In projects, students had an opportunity to view different biomes in Google Expeditions.  They worked in teams to learn about the Carbon Cycle and created posters to explain the process.  Teams of 3 have been assigned a specific biome, which they will begin to research next week, culminating in a Travel Brochure about what their biome offers.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Math update with Mrs. Neal

Hello all!
Last week in fifth grade we completed our giant decimal unit by wrapping up with rounding decimals. This week we will be moving on to multiplication. We will start by review area model and partial product. The homework two of the nights will be using area model so if you are unsure of this strategy here are two videos to help you:

One thing that will greatly help with multi-digit multiplication is know math facts. Please remind your students to be practicing these continually. It makes a BIG difference.
The homework will be as follows:
Week of 10/30
5th grade:
Monday- Area model page, back
Tuesday- No homework- Happy Halloween!
Wednesday- Area model page, back
Thursday-  IXL C.13

Thanks and Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 26, 2017


  • WRITING:  Students performed Reader's Theater versions of various Native American myths as an introduction to our Myth writing unit. They have chosen what the focus of their myth will be and starting working on their ideas and main character.  Completed myths will become picture books for younger students.
  • READING:  In addition to our work in the book Wonder, students are developing vocabulary skills through Quizlet Live and responding to journal and reading prompts.  They also have opportunities to read in their own books of choice and meet regularly with me in small groups to work on specific skills.  A reading assessment related to the skill of inference was also completed this week.
  • SCIENCE: We have started our new Project Unit and students have been involved in a variety of activities.  They "planted" seeds in glass jars with no dirt, experimenting with hydroponics. Next, they created illustrations to go with a Reader's Theater about plants, which they performed in small groups to 2nd graders.  Additionally, they created documents to store all the new vocabulary words they are learning related to ecosystems and biomes.
  • CLASS DOJO:  Students "cashed in" their points for October today.  Popular items include tickets for "Yum Gum", "Seat Swap", and "Lunch Bunch"!


  • The Oasis Book Fair starts this Monday.  We will visit the Book Fair on Monday afternoon so students can preview what will be available.  They will bring home further information in their Monday folders.
  • Halloween Parade through classrooms on Tuesday at 10:45 for students only.  Students should wear their costume to school and may wear it all day, if they wish.  If they want to bring a change of clothes for after the parade, they will need to bring their uniform.  The costume should cover as much of the body as a uniform does and should not be too scary in nature.  (We want to be considerate of our younger students.)  Masks are okay, but please make sure that your child can see well enough for walking.  
  • Halloween Party at 2:30 in our classroom.  Parents are welcome to come assist with games and craft.  Thank you to those who signed up to help with food.  Please drop off food during "non-class" hours, such as before school, lunchtime, or at party time if you will be helping.  We do not have an ability to refrigerate items.
  • Nut Allergy - please note that we have a student with a nut allergy.  Please take this into consideration when planning student lunches or birthday treats - thank you!

Partial quotient division with 2-digit divisors video

I made a video for the lesson that we did today (partial quotient only, we also did area model but I know there was more confusion with the ...